Autobiography: What you did/didn’t know (part two).

To continue from my previous blog post, I became best friends forever with seven (or more) different users on xat and I was married to only one user on xat. I became best friends forever with the following users (which are listed in chronological order): MikeRipper, Alex, iDRegisterClone, Brian, Lukey, Spawn and Malcolm. Mike (by the registered username “MikeRipper”) was a user that I have known for a very long time and he used to go to a chatroom called the ClubGamer(s) chatroom, but not anymore. Alex (I can’t remember his registered username, but it wasn’t “Alex”) was a user that I have also known for a very long time and he used to go to a chatroom called the MySpace chatroom (when he and I used to be permanent moderators in the year 2008), but not anymore. After I wasn’t best friends forever with Alex, I have decided to create a second account and become best friends forever with it, haha. My second account went under the registered username “iDRegisterClone” and I believe that was my first official second account with the ID number “145989816,” until the registered usernames kept changing all the time. Brian (by the registered username “Brian”) was a user that I became best friends forever with after I divorced iDRegisterClone. I have known Brian longer than any other user on xat, so we go back very far. Unfortunately, due to what has happened in the past, he doesn’t go on xat as much as he used to anymore. Lukey (by the registered username “Panda”) and Spawn (by the registered username “Spawn”) weren’t my best friends forever for very long because I felt like they weren’t the right candidates for me, so I divorced them the same day, but I still like them as a friend. Malcolm (by the registered username “MalcolmRivenbark”) is my twin brother (believe it or not) and he was my last best friend forever, until he wanted me to delete his account after being registered on xat for 45 days. He is going to re-register on April 1st, 2014. I became married with the following user: SimbaGibson. Simba (by the registered username “SimbaGibson”) is a user that nobody on xat knows about until now. He is a user I have met with in the LOVEseeker chatroom, but he doesn’t go on there anymore. On January 28th, 2009, I have showed everybody in the Help chatroom a picture of what I look like for the first time and specific users (who I won’t mention) have decided it would be funny if they use my picture in an inappropriate way (which I won’t go into details) and ever since that happened, I haven’t showed a picture to anybody ever since until now. The following users have seen a picture of what I look like: Baeu, Brandon, Daisy, Maverick and Verite. If there’s anything else you would like to know about me, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Autobiography: What you did/didn’t know (part one).

I have been on the social networking website “xat” for six years and four months now and I’m sure a majority of the users know who I am by now, but you may be surprised as to what you don’t know about me. I used to be the co-administrator of the following websites: xatBlog and xatBlogs. Charlie was the administrator of xatBlog and Joombly was the administrator of xatBlogs. xatBlog was a website that allowed me to blog about everything related to xat and xatBlogs was a social networking website that allowed users to interact with one another and have the ability to create their own blog as well. You know how xat is following “@xatBlog” on Twitter? I was the one who originally created the account until Charlie offered me virtual currency in the form of “xats” for the account and I declined his request, but instead, gave him the account for free. I was made a co-owner in the Help chatroom three times. The first time was when Jesse was going to be gone for one week and he needed temporary co-owners to fill in for him while he was gone, so he made Brian and I a temporary co-owner for one week until he returned. The second time was when I was the only permanent moderator and there were no temporary moderators or permanent moderators at the time, so I requested 42 if he could make temporary moderators and instead, he made me a temporary co-owner, so I could make temporary moderators. The third time was when Spell sent Jesse a “tweet” on Twitter nominating me to become a permanent co-owner and later on, I received a private chat from Jesse asking if I wanted to become a permanent co-owner and I accepted his request. I was made a co-owner in the xat_test chatroom two times. The first time was when I was a xat support volunteer at the time because those who were a xat support volunteer automatically get to become a permanent co-owner and the second time was when Steven was celebrating his last day of being a temporary main owner for the month of February and made those who were a member a temporary co-owner for six hours and those who were a moderator a temporary co-owner for 12 hours. I was a member, so I was made a temporary co-owner for six hours. I used to be a forum moderator, a wiki editor and a xat support volunteer. I resigned from being a forum moderator because I was having relationship problems with Chris at the time and because of that, I didn’t want to volunteer for him anymore. I got removed from being a wiki editor because I was deemed inactive and I got removed from being a xat support volunteer because I was told by Chris that I wasn’t doing as many tickets as I should have done. Due to how long my blog post is, I’m going to continue my blog post by making another blog post, so if you want to read my other blog post, you can do so by clicking here.

Blogument: The Beginning.

Welcome to Blogument. For those that don’t know who I am, let me introduce myself. My name is Joshua Rivenbark and I go under the registered username “JoshuaRivenbark” and the ID number “64168765.” If you need to contact me for anything whatsoever, you can find me in the Help chatroom and/or the xat_test chatroom. Allow me to explain how I came up with the word “blogument.” For those that know who I am, you would know that I started blogging in the year 2009, so I have a lot of experience when it comes to blogging. Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, I was not able to continue blogging like I used to, so I’ve decided to take a break. Five years later, my schedule isn’t as busy as it used to be, so I finally have the opportunity to continue blogging again. Due to the fact that the websites that I used to create a gTLD (generic top-level domain) are currently unavailable, I’ve decided to create a sub-domain on WordPress instead. The difficult part was figuring out what name it should be for the sub-domain because the names that I have created in the past I wasn’t able to use anymore, due to the fact that I deleted the names, such as “JoshuaRivenbark” and “xatCrime.” I was starting to feel a little discouraged about creating a sub-domain until I came up with the perfect name and that is “Blogument.” I’m not exactly sure how I came up with the name, but I realized it’s the portmanteau of “blog” and “document” and I’m thinking to myself, “That’s genius!” Now that I came up with the perfect name, I felt more encouraged and less discouraged to start blogging again. This is just the beginning of what will come for Blogument and I hope you enjoy taking that step with me.